Meet the Engi
Well, it looks like sum of you other folks been doing these things, sos I might as well give it a shot.

I arrived here nearly 2 months ago-has it been that long?-yes, musta been. They've been uneventful months-no battles, little activity. If I didn't have mah machines ta tinker with, I just mighta gone insane with boredom. How the others lasted so long is beyond me.
It's also been a while since I've posted on this thing. It's probably better if we just forget 'bout that first one.
I really hope sommthin' picks up soon. It's only a matter of time 'till I get a bit dangerous with ma machines.

Meet the Engi
Well, I s'ppos ther's no use puttin' it off longur. Taim ta introduce maself.
Name's ain't all that important, sos all ya can jist call me Engineer, or just Engi fo short.
Ai caim from Texas if ya couldn't figger that urself, sos you'd best get used to dis heer accent. Havn't fought anythang 'round here yet, but you won't be disspointed in me.
Aym kinda a quiet-type folk, sos you ain't gonna be hearin' a bunch outta me. Mite 'ere some workin' noise outta me, but I'll try'n keep down for ya. Maybe. 'pends on 'ow much y'all annoy me.

Also got one of 'em blog-type things, over at Still under construction 'n all, so dun expect too much outta it.


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